New agency name:


October 2014: Lanter Design AG has now become ECHT AG. The agency management, Board of Directors and address have not changed.

Although most things have remained the same, there are a number of significant differences. In 2010, following the departure of the founder of the company, Martin Lanter, there was a management buyout of the St.Gallen-based design agency.

The new name is an expression of the essence of a four-year process of development and cultural shift. Our enthusiasm for brands remains undimmed. We offer a one-stop shop for market analysis, brand positioning, brand concepts, packaging design, communication design and product advertising as well as the creation of mock-ups in our own mock-up lab. ECHT AG is a 25-strong creative team comprising strategists, designers, concept developers, copywriters, digital printing specialists, lithographers and 3D specialists with a wealth of inspiration, imagination and vision.