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Fol Epi
Image Spot and Promotional Campaign

Fol Epi. Marketing Bongrain AG, Cressier
Brand concept, brand repositioning and brand management, new customer acquisition, increase in turnover and sales. Packaging design, product advertising, sales promotion.
Packaging design, on-pack booklets (competition), trade press advertisements (campaign/promotion), hot-air balloon. TV ad adaptation for the Swiss market (storyboard, text. Song title composition – post-production).
The premium French semi-hard cheese, which ripens in a small loaf embossed with an ear of wheat, captivates cheese-lovers with its mild nutty taste. The aim was to communicate the repositioning on the Swiss market with a relaunch and thereby sharpen the brand profile. The Swiss cheese market is a saturated market, dominated by hard and semi-hard cheeses. The sliced cheese segment is experiencing strong growth, but is fiercely contested.

Following a successful pitch ECHT was commissioned with the relaunch campaign.
The claim «The sun is here» enlivens the brand core with positive characteristics. A new and clear orientation has been laid. The key visual and TV ad are characterised by «sun aspects» in line with the image and bring the Fol Epi brand experience nationwide across Switzerland through print advertising. At promotion level, a joint bathing towel campaign harmonises perfectly with the new brand personality and reinforces sales. If the sun happens to shine again, the Fol Epi hot air balloon will be paraded in the blue sky. Its view represents the real core of the brand.