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My Baby from Coop
Relaunch of baby care products

My Baby. Coop, Basel
Modernisation, rejuvenation, clear distinction of the sub-ranges Basic and Sensitive
Relaunch packaging design of the entire My Baby range
Coop carries a wide range of baby care products. Their own brand, «My Baby», has the right product for every requirement and is a market leader when it comes to skin sensitivity.

After this product range was expanded, the offering required a re-launch.

ECHT was awarded the contract for the packaging design. The request was for recognition and a clear visual distinction between the Basic and Sensitive lines. The key visual is an appealing range eye-catcher and radiates a great deal of emotion. Combined with striking colours, it draws attention and makes an impact on the shelf. The key benefits «dermatologically tested» and «AHA label» have an informative and reader-friendly spoiler character.