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Limited Edition Year of the Sheep 2015

Davidoff. Oettinger Davidoff AG, Basel
Brand concept, technical design & structure design, materials and packaging design
Branding, illustration, technical and structure design (3D), packaging design, mock-ups
Oettinger Davidoff AG is an internationally active family-run company with its headquarters in Basel, Switzerland. The brand portfolio, which centres around the Davidoff core brand in the luxury and premium cigar segment, has for many years set the standard in this high-end market.
The aim here was to create a series of limited editions based on the Chinese animal zodiac designed to appeal to the target group of Chinese customers and those influenced by China.

Already last year ECHT impressed with the «Year of the Horse 2014» Limited Edition and was honoured with first place at the Halfwheel Packaging Awards.
The success story is going into the second round with the «Year of the Sheep 2015» Limited Edition: in 2015 ECHT will receive second place in the Halfwheel Packaging Design Awards.
The high premium packaging concept of ECHT combines characteristic features of the Chinese animal zodiac, namely the sheep, with the aesthetics of Chinese architecture. The newly developed graphic, formal design is rounded off through the confident, independent logo design for the Year of the Sheep.