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Energy Milk from Emmi
Relaunch Branding and Packaging Design

ENERGY MILK. Emmi Schweiz AG, Luzern
Packaging redesign, branding of ENERGY MILK
Brand concept, packaging design, mock-up production
Emmi ENERGY MILK has been successfully established on the Swiss market for over 10 years. A planned relaunch in spring 2011 was intended to give the brand a new impetus.

ECHT was instructed to redesign the packaging: clear positioning with the focus on the buying motives of consumers.

The «energy and effect aspect» moves to the foreground and is expressed in the more masculine-oriented coding elements. The impression given by the shelves and differentiation have been optimised, without having an adverse effect on the recognition of the product. The redesign immediately achieved a significant increase in sales on the Swiss market.