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Branding and Packaging Design

Mebucaïne. Novartis Consumer Health Schweiz AG, Rotkreuz
Brand concept, brand repositioning and packaging design. Winning market shares from competitors, increasing turnover and sales.
Branding, packaging design, mock-ups
Mebucaïne is the leading product to relieve sore throats on the Swiss market.
Since 1984 the «analgesic, disinfecting and anti-bacterial» MebucaÏne has been easing the sore throats of many Swiss citizens. In 2012, the existing range was expanded with 2 further products and the packaging design was modernised. The aim of the rejuvenated and attractive design is the prominent communication of the triple effect.

After a successful pitch, ECHT was commissioned with the branding, range expansion and redesign of the complete Mebucaïne range.
The project included comprehensive market and competitor analyses, positioning and design studies and illustration work.
The result was modern, fresh packaging with a clear focus and with no detraction from the recognition factor of the well-known brand.