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Branding and Packaging Design

NeoCitran. Novartis Consumer Health Schweiz AG, Rotkreuz
Brand concept, brand repositioning and packaging design. New customer acquisition, increasing sales and turnover.
Branding, packaging design, mock-ups
NeoCitran is the market leader and authoritative brand on the cold and flu market.
A clear strength of NeoCitran is that it is taken as a hot drink. In Switzerland NeoCitran enjoys a high level of recognition and popularity. It has been voted «most trusted brand» several times by consumers.

ECHT was commissioned with the redesign of NeoCitran.
The contract entailed conducting comprehensive brand and design studies paying particular attention to the shelf situation and repositioning. The packaging design was modernised and rejuvenated without impairing the recognition factor of the well-known brand.
The rapid effectiveness of NeoCitran is communicated and immediately understood without additional verbalisation by means of the new packaging design.