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Launch cough reliever

NeoCitran Hustenstiller. Novartis Consumer Health Schweiz AG, Rotkreuz
Brand concept, brand positioning and packaging design. Successful launch of the NeoCitran brand also to relieve coughs.
Branding, packaging design, mock-ups
NeoCitran is the market leader and authoritative brand in the cold and flu market segment.
NeoCitran cough relief is a new product (available in syrup or tablet form) that was developed specifically to tackle dry, chesty coughs. The task was to integrate NeoCitran cough relief as a sub-brand within the existing NeoCitran range.

ECHT was commissioned with the branding and packaging design of the NeoCitran cough relief sub-range. The aim was to include the new cough relief seamlessly into the existing/learnt image and therefore to benefit from both the strong brand positioning and product familiarity.
The cough relief sub-range is clearly differentiated from existing NeoCitran cold and flu products by the use of colour codes and illustrations.